Lukashya, Kasama Central and Malole constituencies exhibit at Northern Province Agriculture Show

The National Assembly of Zambia through Lukashya, Kasama Central and Malole Constituency Offices participated in the Northern Province Agriculture, Tourism and Investment show which took place from 28th to 30th June, 2019 in Kasama.  The three Constituency Offices which exhibited at the Agriculture Show under the theme, “Embracing Industrial Development” provided information to the show-goers on the roles of the Constituency Office and the Member of Parliament.  Further, the Constituency Office staff took the opportunity to note concerns that were presented by the public for the attention of their respective Members of Parliament.
The National Assembly of Zambia is constitutionally mandated, among other functions, to represent the interests of the electorates. In order to enhance this function, the institution through the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan has been implementing activities that aim at generating demand for constituents to interact with Members of Parliament and promote the visibility of the Constituency Office.  In this regard, participation in agriculture shows provides an opportunity for the Constituency Offices to show case their work to the public and raise awareness on the role of the office and that of the Member of Parliament in promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.