** IPU’s 140th General Assembly session concludes

** Parliamentary newsletter

     Wednesday April 10, 2019

** IPU’s 140th General Assembly session concludes

DOHA: The General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) concluded yesterday its 140th session in Doha with a record participation of members, powerful decisions and intensive meetings.

The 140th meeting of IPU was attended by 162 countries, 2271 parliamentarians, including 80 Speaker of Parliaments and 40 Vice-Speaker of Parliaments. Some 68 session taken place during the event where various issues of international concern such as development, education, peace, conflict resolution and terrorism were discussed.

Earlier, Mr. Voronkov, praised Qatar’s efforts in combating terrorism pointing out that “Qatar is among the major supporters to efforts of preventing violent intolerance”.

The IPU condemns the siege of Qatar

DOHA: The Doha Declaration, which issued at the end of the 140th session of the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), condemned the siege imposed on the State of Qatar, stressing its rejection to any unilateral measures or sanctions that violates international law.

Doha's session the most successful in the history of IPU meetings: IPU President

DOHA: Her Excellency Gabriela Baron, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) said that the State of Qatar organized the most successful version of the General Assembly's meetings in its history, especially in light of the remarkable participation of 162 countries. The Union was founded in 1889, 130 years ago.

Speaker of Shura Council: We are proud of the international appreciation

DOHA: His Excellency Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud yesterday said Qatar proud of the international appreciation for hosting one of the most successful of IPU and the number of participants in the meetings. Al Mahamoud pointed out that these appreciations and praises expresses the confidence of the member of the Union on the State of Qatar, its Amir, government and people.

Al Mahmoud stressed that as president of the General Assembly, he will do as much as he can to achieve what was agreed on during the meetings of the General Assembly in Qatar in cooperation with the President and Secretary General of the Union.

He added, for the first time, speakers of parliaments held close meeting up on an initiative of the President to discuss a number of issues that help the parliamentary work. Speakers were agreed that there is an opportunity for parliaments to discuss many issues and ideas related to the IPU, which will represents a platform for parliament works in the coming period.

IPU 140 Doha declaration stresses the importance of education in combating terrorism

Doha declaration, issued at the conclusion of the IPU 140, stresses the importance of education as a means of economic empowerment and counteracting extremism and terrorism.

The declaration further stressed the need to enhance the mechanisms of spreading education within the different world populations to uproot the foundations of the phenomenon of violent extremism. Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, chaired by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, has taken part the IPU 140 assembly general, alongside Silatech organization, which is concerned with helping young people everywhere to get jobs and develop their own business projects. It is also chaired by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

IPU reaffirms its stand rejecting the Israeli Occupation

Doha Declaration, issued at the conclusion of the IPU 140, affirms the IPU's rejection of the practices of the Israeli practices against the Palestinian people, and the procedure of racial segregation and the dividing wall. Accordingly, the IPU President Gabriela Barron said that the situation on the ground involves more sufferings and trouble than what have circulated by the various means of media due to the procedures taken by the occupation forces against the Palestinians.

IPU condemns the US decision on the Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights and Jerusalem

The IPU has condemned the US decision on the Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights and Jerusalem, describing it as unilateral decision. East Jerusalem according to the 1967 borders is considered under the sovereignty of the Palestinians and Golan Heights is considered an occupied Syrian territory.

The IPU 140 has stressed that such procedures are considered a clear violation of the International Law, and could lead to the collapse of all the possibilities of a peaceful resolve of the conflict within the Palestinian territories.