Parley Staff challenged to interrogate the mandate of Parliament, identify performance gaps and develop strategies towards transformation

The Speaker of the National Assembly of Botswana, Hon Gladys K T Kokorwe, PH, MP has challenged staff of Parliaments who are the technocrats to interrogate the mandate of Parliament and identify performance gaps with a view of developing strategies towards transformation. The Hon Madam Speaker said this when she gave a keynote address at the 19th ZIMZAM senior parliamentary seminar being held under the theme “Transformation:Key to responsive Parliaments” in Kasane, Botswana from 5th to 8th October, 2018. Speaker Kokorwe mentioned that transformation leaders lead by example and tend to use styles of rapport, inspiration or empathy to engage followers. In addition, the Speaker stated that transformation leaders possess courage, confidence and the willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Speaker Kokorwe further said transformational leaders need to be visionary and continuously communicate the vision of the institutions to those being lead. She noted that solutions of tomorrow required leaders to be innovative and bold and to build capacity for transformation among those being lead. The Speaker also noted that dialogue and sharing of experiences is one way of improving the effectiveness of Parliaments. Speaker Kokorwe mentioned that as the world evolves and becomes more inter-connected, Parliaments need to evolve as well and that staff of Parliaments as technocrats within their distinguished roles and expertise need to help and guide Members of Parliaments on how best Parliaments can serve and satisfy the representation of the citizenry and in addressing emerging topical issues of national and international importance.  Speaker Kokorwe urged the gathering to consider changing the name of the seminar from ZIMZAM (ZimbabweZambia) to ZIMZAMBOTS which incorporates Botswana.

The ZIMZAM seminar which is an annual event for senior members of staff aims at providing an opportunity to share best practices in the Administration of Parliaments as well as create a platform for the establishment of common practices.
The objectives of the 19th ZIMZAM seminar are to learn and appreciate issues concerning climate change and its relevance to Parliament Business; to share best practices and experience on having an effective Parliamentary Budget approval process as well as procedures on Courts and Parliamentary Privileges; strategise for resolving conflict between MPs and staff; and to share experiences and best practices in resource mobilisation for Parliamentary activities.

The 19th ZIMZAM seminar has attracted 169 delegates from the Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe as participants while Mauritius, Namibia and Uganda are attending the seminar as observers.  The Zambian delegation is being led by the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mrs Cecilia N Mbewe.