Chirundu Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Syakalima says the National Assembly Constituency Offices have made the work of Members of Parliament easier as MPs are not expected to be in the office physically to attend to constituency issues. Mr Syakalima said this during the Roadshow that was organised by the National Assembly of Zambia, with the support of Irish Aid, in his constituency on Saturday, 23rd June, 2018.   
Mr Syakalima noted that, sadly, most of the constituents do not understand the rationale of constituency offices, a situation that has resulted in low utilisation.  He therefore expressed gratitude that, the outreach programme of “taking Parliament closer to the people” through activities such as the Road Shows, was indeed opening up the institution by bettering citizens’ understanding of how the institution works.  He, however pointed out that due to the vastness of his constituency, it would be ideal for the team to visit many other villages in his constituency, given another opportunity, to explain the roles of Members of Parliament and the National Assembly.
The Road Show that was spiced by the National Assembly Road and Mounted Shows ambassador, Frank Chirwa commonly known as Afunika and the Sianzembwe Budima, a local Cultural group was characterised by five main presentations on the functions of the National Assembly, role of the Member of Parliament, role of the Constituency Office, the Committee System in the National Assembly and opportunities available for public participation in the work of the National Assembly.
The National Assembly of Zambia, with the support of co-operating partners, has made deliberate moves to make the public have interest in the institution through various platforms such as Roadshows, public hearings, Parliament Radio and TV, and constituency offices.
The Road and mounted shows outreach programme has so far been to eighteen constituencies with the aim of covering all the one hundred and fifty-six constituencies countrywide.