Madam First Lady Mrs. Ester Lungu visits Parly stand at the ongoing Agriculture and Commercial Show

The National Assembly of Zambia which is participating at the 91st Agriculture and Commercial Show under theme “Promoting a Green Economy” was yesterday (Thursday, 3rd August, 2017) visited by madam First Lady Mrs. Ester Lungu. Madam First Lady who was received by the Acting Clerk of the National Assembly, Mrs Cecilia Mbewe was impressed with Parliament exhibiting at the show urged the legislators to enact the legislation on the age of when one can get into marriages in Zambia.

The role of Parliament in promoting a green economy is more of an enabler than a participant in the development process.  Its role is to provide an enabling environment where development is achieved without devastating damage to mother earth and its inhabitants. Parliament is uniquely positioned to do this through its legislative, oversight, representative and budget approval functions, thereby promoting a Green Economy.

Parliament as an active participant in promoting a Green Economy encourages and participates in the healthy planet principle by maintaining good natural environment and co-existence with some animal species such as Cats, Impalas, Monkeys, and Zebras, which all find their living from the natural environments of parliamentary precincts. In addition, in the efficiency and sufficiency principle: A green economy delivers sustainable consumption and production (supporting life-cycle management, striving for zero emission, zero waste, resource efficiency and optimal water use).The Parliament of Zambia participates in this principle through, supplying its used paper to Zambezi Saw Mills for recycling, encouraging a paperless Parliament by providing e-resources such as order paper on the website; introducing e-payslips etc, allowing Members of Parliament to carry electronic gadgets into the Chamber to access e-resource and using solar panels as power supply.

The National Assembly stand which is situated in the Jubilee Hall is already receiving a lot of show goers.